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Web Application and dynamic page creation

  • Basic Level
  • image India
  • Type Fixed
  • Duration: Less than a month

Project Detail


Technologies to be used : Python or PHP, Front End / UI use whichever is easy and fast development (like Anjular, Django etc..)
Database : My SQL or MS SQL server - Use ORM frame work so that swapping the DB will easy in future.
Introduction :
User needs to maintain data in web interface instead of individual excel files:
 When we receive a Flat file(CSV, Tab or other delimiter) / XML / Excel (.xls or xlsx) files then 
we need to create source file connection to create table in DB and import data from file.
- We need ot have small user interface to import file to database table. - I will provide the design.
- We need to have validation like valid file or view sample data - I will provide in details requirements.
- When we import data from file we can have options like truncate table & insert data or Create table & Insert data or 
Append file data in the existing table. - I will provide screen design details with all relevant information.
We need to create user interface to achieve the following functions for Dynamic page
1) We should create user interface to have flexibility to add / modify and delete data like excel file.
User should be able to create his / her own page based on own requirements.
  example page: The page can contain Input filed / Text filed, Drop down box, Radio button, Check box and etc..
*** I will provide design details with screen example.
2) When you open the above created page by the user then it should display as data display page. 
- User should be able to perform add / modify / delete data. The changes should be saved in the DB table.
- In the page : We should have buttons like Save / submit / cancel / approve / Reject / Finalize process
- When you click on Submit then we should be able to send one email to approver.
- When user approved then the email notification should be sent to submitted & approved person.
- Finally we will have download option to download the approved data 
- Options to download formats like : file with delimiter, Excel format, XML, HTML and PDF
3) We need to crate users and assign permission to design dynamic page creation and add / delete data kind of activities.
4) We should also have flexibility to have only certain fields to modify to assigned user.
5) When we Crete user we will assign the roles and email id so that based on roles we can enable approve button.
Administrator - Will have create dynamic page permissions and all other permissions.
Requestor - Will have save, Submit, Cancel buttons
Verifier - Will have save, Submit, Cancel & Verified (Finalize the process) buttons
Approver - will have either modify / approve / Reject

Thank you.

Hi, Ina

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